Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Role: Author, Deal Guru, Voucher Code Tester

Covers: AO, Argos, ASOS, boohoo, M&S, Matalan, Nike, Travelodge


About the author

Peter joined Codesium in 2017. He loves freedom, flexible working hours, and online shopping. From an early age, Peter knew that working as a deal guru would be a perfect fit for him, combining his passion for finding the best deals with his love for technology. He is a savvy individual with a keen interest in technology, artificial intelligence, and computing. He spends his free time staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends and experimenting with new gadgets.

Peter's responsibilities

Peter works remotely at Codesium, enjoying the flexibility of working from home. His key responsibilities include adding new discount codes/deals and keeping merchant pages up to date. To provide you with all possible ways to save, he diligently searches for new vouchers not only through our affiliate interface but also on other websites, including competitor sites, cashback portals, and forums. Peter's goal is to create a one-stop, ultimate page where visitors can be confident that the published offers include all available deals/vouchers at the moment.

I love this job - working from home saves me time, and my work helps save money for others. That's a double saving! :)

Peter's savings tips

When you have a specific product you'd like to buy at a discount and you're patient, you can wait for a good discount code. At Codesium, you can also see previous discount codes, giving you a better idea of when a specific merchant typically releases new codes. Just wait for a holiday event or special occasion, and save with a voucher.

At Codesium, I specialize in deals for the following stores. Here are the best discounts I have ever promoted that you could get with a promo code:

  • AO - 30% OFF or £500 OFF
  • Argos - 1/2 off OFF
  • ASOS - 30% OFF
  • boohoo - 30% OFF
  • M&S - 20% OFF
  • Matalan - £5 OFF £25
  • Nike - 30% OFF
  • Travelodge - 40% OFF

Peter's personal philosophy and vision

Peter believes that online shopping will become the primary way we shop in the future. Instead of visiting physical stores, people will enjoy more outdoor activities while AI handles their daily shopping. Peter hopes that AI will also use discount codes from Codesium.

Our team

Peter is just one member of our team. Meet the rest of our team:

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