Mark Macallum

Mark Macallum

Mark Macallum

Role: CEO, Author, Voucher Code Tester

Covers: eBay


About the author

Mark founded Codesium in 2014, shortly after graduating from the University of Leeds. His primary hobby is programming, and his goal was to create a lightning-fast website with a great user experience. In 2021, transitioned to, focusing primarily on the UK audience.

Mark is also an avid traveler who enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines. When he's not working on Codesium or traveling, he loves hiking in the countryside, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen (though he enjoys food delivery too), and reading about the latest advancements in technology.

Mark's responsibilities

Mark decides which new stores to add to our website. He also works with affiliate managers to negotiate special discounts (unique discount codes) for Codesium's visitors. If you are a store manager or if there's a store you’d like to see listed on Codesium, Mark is the person to contact.

Mark's savings tips

In addition to regular deals and discount codes, shops often offer special benefits for first-time shoppers and new email subscribers. Be sure to take advantage of these offers!

Over the years, our visitors have saved thousands of pounds.

Mark's plans for Codesium

Mark's long-term plan and dream for Codesium is to create a truly competitive platform for merchants, where they compete for customers with discounts and deals. Visitors would be able to see at a glance on the homepage which store has the best offer available at the moment.

Our team

Mark is just one member of our team. Meet the rest of our team:

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